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July 2021

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Process Of Buying Property In Sri Lanka As An Expat

With the recent changes in the law welcoming expat Sri Lankans to purchase property in the country, LankaPropertyWeb interviewed Attorney at Law Saminda Jayasekara regarding the feasibility of this option and the barriers to overcome in the process. As a local, there are no restrictions on purchasing property in the country. Whether it is owning a land, apartment or investing in a commercial property,...


Sri Lanka’s Real Estate Market Transitioning

“Sri Lanka’s real estate industry is the frontier that will uplift and elevate the nation, on a global scale,” says a hopeful (Eng.) Ranjith Gunatilleke – the current President of the Chamber of Construction Industries of Sri Lanka, a Chartered Engineer and an entrepreneur in the construction industry. Eng. Gunatilleke entered the real estate and construction industry in 1976 serving as a Civil...

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Sri Lanka Real Estate Market Report 2021

Economy The report consists of the economic performances during 2020 and growth forecasts for 2021. Sri Lanka has the highest literacy rate and has the second highest GDP per capita in the South Asian region despite the pandemic. The report covers the following topics - overview, GDP growth, GDP per capita, inflation rate, interest rate, imports & exports, exchange rate, tourism (tourist...

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Port City Colombo Opens Gates For Investment

Port City Colombo, Sri Lanka’s brand-new reclaimed land, slated as the “Gateway to South Asia”, now officially becomes the country’s first service oriented Special Economic Zone (SEZ). The Sri Lankan Parliament, adopted a powerful Bill enabling a giant step in Port City Colombo becoming a pivotal global financial and services hub for South Asia. The act provides a stable policy environment;...


Finding The Perfect Size Office Space

Productivity is the heart and soul of a business. If you want your employees to improve their productivity, it could come down to the structure and setting of your office. Not just the location, either, but the layout of office furniture and equipment, the flow between employee space, and the overall vibe of your office. Therefore, reasonable floor space is a must for a healthy and a happy office...

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